My Story

Simple Seeds is a company that started as a solution to a problem. In the Spring of 2015, as a Junior in High School, Sutter Lindberg embarked on his daily commute of 45 minutes to the Oakland estuary for rowing practice. To make the ride more bearable, Sutter chewed through half of a bag of the leading sunflower seed brand containing Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), maltodextrin and a bunch of other ingredients he couldn’t even begin to pronounce. Sutter could not practice that day. In the middle of the Oakland estuary, Sutter had to be taken off the boat and sent home due to acute stomach pain. This was the day he knew he had a problem to solve: make a tasty product that doesn’t include unnatural chemicals: but ingredients you can find growing in your backyard.

The next day he went into his fridge and asked himself what would be a good combination with sunflower seeds. He pulled out some maple syrup and heated up the pan. He put some sunflower seeds into the pan and poured some maple syrup on the seeds. Delicious! He did it. He had proved that you could make a tasty batch of sunflower seeds using only a few natural ingredients. So that night he made 20 batches and sealed them in ziplock bags with the intention to hand them out to friends at school the next day. He was out of bags by the end of his second period class. He had a proof of concept in 2 hours. For the next 2 months he had released 4 new flavors such as Cholula-Lime, Cinnamon Sweet, Honey Mustard, and Sriracha Bacon which he sold to the high school. Kids loved it! He was known as the “seed guy” at school and random people would come up to him asking for some sunflower seeds. He realized that he couldn’t continue selling these seeds in zip-lock bags so he worked all summer getting his product commercially viable. Once he had real packaging, sourced ingredients, labels and certifications he went to a local grocery store, Diablo Foods, to pitch the idea. After a 5 minute conversation with the manager and a taste-test he asked, “when can you bring me 2 cases?” The next week, Diablo Foods became the first retail store to carry Simple Seeds.


Simple Seeds uses the purest, freshest ingredients.

As a local Miramonte High School student, I know that teenagers love sunflower seeds! Simple Seeds started as a desire to create a sunflower seed with natural and tasty flavors. Simple Seeds has become a quest to innovate a concept that has been consistent throughout my life. Since I was a youngin’, products with natural and whole ingredients were instilled in my family. The first lesson I learned was the fewer ingredients the better: the more natural the product. To me, flavors and good taste should come from simple, wholesome, and natural ingredients. Taste is the second thing. I have grown up eating savory, home cooked creative food from my family. So therefore processed products have never appealed to me. Simple Seeds is the intersection of natural, tasty, and simple.